Fairly Confusing Records
I am SzcZ, collector of noises, composer of sounds, sculptor of bleeps. Here's music that I was involved in making of.

Recordssee here for works-in-progress, new experiments, unclassified sound adventures...

Liquid Stories

Liquid StoriesA set of six dark and surreal stories emerging out of abstract fumes of a misty haze. Wet drones travelling the desert fields of soundscape sandwaves.



ElectrocuteThe dish of 14 sour-sweet songs in a strange sauce, submerged in eclectic clash of sounds, where laid back post-adult pop struggles with quirky, chilli bubbles of electronic magma.


Glitch Pop Bang!

Glitch PopA glimpse of things to come. This is music specially designed to serve the rapidly growing audience of tomorrow - the web crawling robots. It’s a wild mixture of glitch, electronic bleeps, hippie rhythms and funky noise.



AbsurdanceThis album is made according to the new design of hybrid dance music, inspired by folk, pop, disco, avantgarde rock, EDM, IDM and IBM.


Transatlantic Transmissions

Sleeping stones and singing drones... This is ambient collaboration of Mike Brosco and me. 


Wakedown / The Mountain Song

Two hippie songs for yuppie folks. It is free, mp3 or flac download.

01. Wakedown (mp3)
02. The Mountain Song (mp3)


Alga Rhythmics

Alga Rhythmics is a collection of moldy tunes balancing between metaphysical experience and utter kitsch. Free download.


Odd Songs for Even People

Miraculously super-sensual and spectacularly hyper-nonsensical, it's like a cup of fresh coffee, it smells good, it tastes funny and it's bad for your stomach. Mutant rock on CDR or to download.


Can Martian Grow a Beard?

There are adventureous passages interchanging with boring soundscapes in this experimental ambient electronic set. Free download.


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