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Lubi & Zombie: Food War

This is a song I did with Lubi on November 2006. I sing the lead vocal part and play sax (virtual). I am also responsible for lots of special effects appearing on this track.

download mp3 size: 3,3MB, time: 2:15
2006 (cc) music sharing license

Zombietronauts: Giant Garage Mushroom

This track one is a hijack. It is composed and performed by Mellotronaut, I slapped a vocal part over it, as supposedly humorous way of commenting his music. The result turned out to be interesting and we agreed to let it show in public.
The lyrics are: In my old rusty garage, there is a giant mushroom. It has blue spots and it's stem looks like a leg and it's cap looks like a half of an egg. I like to sleep in my garage, under the giant mushroom. I dream of blue cabbage in some rainbow luggage, under the giant mushroom's cap, looking like a half of an egg.

download mp3 size: 1,8MB, time: 1:36
copyright: (c) 2007 Chris Bader

Zombie & Xander: I Like People

This is spoken word track I made with Alexander Janes for KVR contest. I did all the talking and Alex made all the music. The task in the contest was to make listeners laugh, apparently my English is laughable, because we placed third. You can visit Alex's place here: www.panoriental.com

download mp3 size: 2,8MB, time: 1:59, see artwork
copyright: (c) 2007 Zombie & Xander

Shrikant & Zombie: Through the Haunted Software

This is the song I made with Shrikant Prabhu for KVR event. I asked him to send me some melodies in midi, then I mixed them all up, programmed drums and added vocals. All melodic content is originally composed by Shrikant.

download mp3 size: 2,4MB, time: 2:00
copyright: (c) 2008 Shrikant & Zombie

Muchomor Ensemble: Mucha

And this is the song I made with Jack Solium. I programmed the drums and did vocals, Jack played all the rest and convinced me to sing this one in Polish. You can visit Jack's space here.

download mp3 size: 2,7MB, time: 2:00
copyright: (c) 2008 JacK_SoliuM & Zombie Queen

Zombie Rising: Zombie Blues

This song is effect of my collaboration with Laguna Rising, again for the sake of KVR. Laguna plays bass, guitar and organ here, I did drums programming, singing and horns. You can find Laguna here.

download mp3 size: 2,6MB, time: 2:00
copyright: (c) 2008 Laguna Rising & Zombie Queen

Sponge Burger: Mexican Shoes

This is one of the first songs I ever recorded on computer. Later Mr HUSH helped me with finishing it. I did bass, keyboards, vibes and vocals, HUSH did drums, guitar and strings. You can search for Mr HUSH here or here...

download mp3 size: 2,9MB, time: 3:12
copyright: (c) 2007 Sponge Burger

Fairly Confusing Duo: Holes; Free for All

Fairly Confusing Duo is me and Mike Brosco. We met on MySpace. Mike is in a band called Proof of Utah, I knew one of their albums, I liked it and I mentioned it on my MySapce page, Mike found that note and so we started to chat. We ended up recording two songs together. You can find Mike here.

download mp3 size: 4,3MB, time: 3:10
download mp3 size: 4,1MB, time: 3:00
copyright: (c) 2009 Mike Brosco, Marcin Gruszczyński

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