Alga Rhythmics

Green Saucery is my instrumental music project. It is a little experimental, a little silly, a little dark, a little out there and a little kitsch at times. It's a blend of different, often contradicting musical genres, such as shallow ambient, bubblegum industrial, regressive rock, robotic jazz, organic techno or roots music, featuring adventurous passages interleaving with extremely boring soundscapes, all covered up with moss, mold and mushrooms.


Alga Rhythmics is a collection of 15 moldy tunes and it takes about an hour of listening.

01. Meatball Wizard
02. All Along a Peephole
03. Are You Gruesome Tonight?
04. Banging on a Balloon
05. Chewagumma
06. Knocking at the Shaven Door
07. Pledge Over Troubled Waiter
08. I’m So Lightsome I Could Fly
09. Oops, I Didn’t Do It Again
10. Great Falls of Wire
11. One Bite Mamba
12. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking At
13. In the Wood
14. The Lady is a Trumpet
15. In the Court of the Burger King

This record is free to play, share or broadcast. You can stream it or download a zipped package.

Click here to stream it in your player

outside link:
Alga at Jamendo

Downloadable files:
MP3 package - 105MB
FLAC package - 297MB
WAV package - 541MB

Mp3 pack is 256kbps quality, flac and wav packs are CD quality. Wav pack is downloadable CDR, if you have a CD writer, you can burn Alga yourself (just open cue file in your burning software), this pack also includes cover art files prepared for printing. If you're familiar with flac, I recommend getting the flac pack, it's exactly the same as wav pack, only compressed much better, it includes cover art as well.

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